Battlestar Galactica renewed for a fourth season

Phew. I’d heard some doom-sayers proclaiming that BSG wasn’t going to be renewed for a fourth season, citing falling ratings. I even had a friend who told me that she met Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) at a recent convention in the UK who said that (allegedly) it wasn’t get renewed and he was hunting for a new job.

But the news making the rounds now is that its confirmed that it’s being renewed. My money is still on them at least keeping it on the air until they get close to or exceed 100 episodes so they can syndicate it easily. It does annoy me however that a dire series like Star Trek: Enterprise (sorry!) made it to one hundred episodes (albeit barely) but there’s doubt over a series that’s superior in every way and has even made it into the mainstream, when it hasn’t even hit 60 episodes yet.

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