Dark Angel Season 1 DVD

Dark Angel Season 1 Title Bar
Just picked up the Dark Angel Season 1 DVD box set from HMV. It was twenty pounds but thanks to a lovely gift voucher it was nothing. Yes it can be had a smidge cheaper online, but it was a gift voucher and everything else they have is majorly overpriced!

Dark Angel is a vastly underrated TV show. It only lasted two seasons and at the time I was shocked to hear it wasn’t being picked up for a third but replaced by another underrated show, Firefly (which didn’t even last one season). With hindsight though you often see that shows have two or three good years but then go on for too long (I’m looking at you, Lost). I think I’d prefer a couple of seasons of excellent quality rather than ten seasons half full of filler.

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2 thoughts on “Dark Angel Season 1 DVD”

  1. I have both on DVD, bought them both from ChoicesUK for £15.99 apiece, it’s still the best price I’ve ever seen them for.

    Unfortunately I have never seen an entire episode :p.

    I really do want to watch it though.

  2. lol Nokkon 😀
    I was a huge fan of DA before it vanished from our screens. I used to follow it when it aired here in the Uk on Ch4 or Ch5…I felt it ended too early though and wanted a few more seasons at the most.

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