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I downloaded the hefty demo of Command & Conquer 3 last night and gave it a bash this morning. I mentioned before that I had my reservations about it, but I am glad to say that they are mostly unfounded. The game seems much better than Generals (too ‘War on Terror’ for me) and its great to be back in the true C&C universe. Although the demo is short it does give you chance to play with staples such as the Ion Cannon and a new version of the Mammoth Tank. It seems like a solid game but it’s not going to win awards for originality. It may be superior in visuals to the voxel-powered Tiberian Sun but its still the same game underneath. Fine with me to be honest. I’m also pleased with the nods to the previous game, including a description of what happened to the behemoth Mammoth Mark II down to the familiar architecture of the walls and gates. I’ll no doubt pick it up once I have some more cash as I just bought Jade Empire, even though I have yet to play it. Oh and the best bit of a C&C game: hammy cutscenes!


I’ll end the post with a before and after shot of the wonderful new Ion Cannon in single player.



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8 thoughts on “Kane Lives: Command & Conquer 3”

  1. Last command and conquer game I played was the first one on the Sony Playstation, reason is that I really dislike games like these, they just bore me to tears and I have never seen the facination in it, but this one has me interested… maybe it’s the length of time between games, or maybe it feels that this is finally a step on from the versions of old.

    Unfortunately I don’t have the money to buy it… or the time to play it due to University coursework in my final year (can’t mess that up) but I really do fancy getting this game somewhere down the line.

  2. This is one of two PC games i’ll be buying this year, the other being GTA4. C&C3 feels simply brilliant, they’ve remained faithful to the C&C formula not changing much of the core gameplay, and bunging in hd FMV too.

    I’ve yet to play those single player missions. Like everyone else, I went straight into the Skirmishes playing with both GDI and NOD, the latter have some amazing base defenses! Bring on the 30th!

  3. Personally I’m not sure which version to get, 360 or PC.

    When the original GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas came out it was better to get them on PC because it was always faster, easier to control and looked prettier than the console versions. This time round however it’ll be tough to decide.

  4. You may get a few ‘real car’ models as a modification, but these games have ALWAYS played better on a console. They are designed for consoles and ported to a PC, personally IF it is to have a multiplayer mode then the Xbox360/PS3 is the ONLY format to get it on.

    You also wont have to fart around with settings constantly like we did with San Andreas.

  5. Fair enough the PC was always the port, but I prefered it because it always had the higher draw distance and better aiming. However with the power of the new consoles and the fabulous 360 controller this might change.

  6. See, this is what I’m not sure about. I grew up playing GTA on the pc via ratter ketboard and I’m so used to it. Bought the Xbox version of San Andreas to try out on the 360 but I just couldn’t play with a controller, it just felt so wrong.

    Then again the 360 will have achievements, and more content so I’m a bit stuck. I’d like to first see if Rockstar make GTA4 moddable, as the game in the past has been pretty modding unfriendly.

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