Another update

So I’ve been slow to update again, resulting in the state of limbo so often seen on abandoned websites across the Internet.

In short, I have completed Jade Empire, of which the final battles were the first genuine challenge of the whole game.

I have now started playing the free-to-play MMO Guild Wars. I clocked up over 300 hours on this back in 2005 in the long holiday between finishing university and starting work and have taken it up again to stop myself spending too much money on new games.

Problem is it’s so addictive I’ve just ordered the two expansion packs…

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One thought on “Another update”

  1. Nice to see another post, I thought you had disappeared, as I’m sure you did I ;).

    I was looking at Guild Wars recently and I am seriously considering it, is it really good?
    What should I be buying for it? Links would be ideal?

    I searched and there are a few and none of them scream out as which are the necessary ones? I’d personally like to play all the new stuff too, so what should I be getting. You never know, I might see you on there :).

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