Exploring Guild Wars: Prophecies – Part One

Welcome to Ascalon City

The original Guild Wars campaign is known as Prophecies. Starting this campaign takes your newly created character to Ascalon City, the largest city in the Kingdom of Ascalon:

The view from the edge of the city

Ascalon City is not the capital of the Kingdom, that title goes to the city of Rin, which lies on the other side of The Great Northern Wall.

The Great Northern Wall running through the city

Ascalon City is the main hub of activity for players new to the game. Home to merchants, armourers and smiths new players often return here after adventuring to buy better equipment, pick up quests, or participate in an impromptu dance.

Views of the city are dominated by The Great Northern Wall. This vast stone structure was built over a period of hundreds of years to defend the Kingdom from the Charr: a race of upright-walking beasts that appear to worship the flame as if it were a god, who have fought a long war against the human peoples of Ascalon. The Great Northern Wall is the main defence against the Charr onslaught which can be seen in near-perpetual war with the Ascalonian army from many of the Wall’s ramparts. Visitors to the Kingdom are strongly advised against going north of the Wall, if they must they should go in force and avoid contact with the Charr hordes.

The Great Northen Wall


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3 thoughts on “Exploring Guild Wars: Prophecies – Part One”

  1. Oh that looks great! Wish I could play it!
    Infact, wish I could play any PC game, for some reason it appears my graphics card has given up any will to live.

    Just as I fancied a game of UT2004 too :(.

  2. She’s Human, no elves in Guild Wars :p

    I figured that if I was going to stare at a character for hundreds of hours I’d prefer not to state at the back of some bloke! Amusingly though I reckon the boys far outnumber the girls in Guild Wars and most female characters are being played by men, people treat you nicer in a female avatar.

    I’ve also had people hitting on me in game. Some people have yet to understand that just because my avatar is a supermodel proportioned goddess, that doesn’t mean that I am!

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