So I packed away my 360 at the weekend…

Every so often I get mad at the amount of dust that collects around my desk and the complete lack of space on it thanks to having fairly large screen, a 360, speaker equipment and whatnot and so I end up completely disconnecting everything and rearranging things – usually into exactly the positions they were in before. This time however I boxed the 360, as I haven’t played on it for quite a while now. Despite a good start there just aren’t the games out that I would justify spending £40 on. If it gets good reviews I might get Mass Effect, but that is about all I can see on the horizon that looks to me to be a ‘must-buy’.

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4 thoughts on “So I packed away my 360 at the weekend…”

  1. Noooo Sid!

    You Sick Of GoW and Lost Planet Now? I’m off GoW and just started playing Lost Planet Again shame most online players are foreign and must have played since the game was released cos I spend most of my time getting rocket launched or sniped by a plasma rifle. I agree with NokkonWud get it back out rent a few new titles like Shadowrun (Its 100% online gaming so if your live gold has ran out pass on that) There must be a new game that has jumped out and grabbed your attention maybe C&C3?

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