Exploring Guild Wars Eye of the North – Part 1

The journey into the world of the Eye of the North begins in one of the three main cities of Guild Wars, Lion’s Arch in Tyria, Kaineng Center in Cantha and Kamadan, Jewel of Istan in Elona with frequent earthquakes. At the start of the sneak peak weekend, fissures opening up nearby which the player character must investigate. I chose to begin my journey in Lion’s Arch as my character is from Tyria, though it would turn out that each starting point ends up in the same place. Journeying outside of the city, the first new addition to the landscape is this enormous fissure:

Travelling into the fissure, an area called ‘beneath Tyria’ loads and players get the first taste of the scale of what Arenanet is trying to achieve with the dungeons:

Here we quickly meet the game’s first two heroes who you can add to your party: the Dwarf Ogden Stonehealer and Vekk of the newly discovered race the Asura. According to the lore, the Asura are highly intellectual to the point of arrogance and who live underground away from the rest of the world, until of course this expansion:

Unfortunately the exploration of the dungeon is cut short by the invading Destroyers, the main threat in this expansion and the reason for both the Asura appearing above ground and the previously mentioned earthquakes. This was a shame as I didn’t get a chance to capture a fair amount of the detail of this new dungeon as I was being pursued by quite a large force. This ended in the player character being forced through a magical Asura gate:

More screen shots below:

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