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A movie trailer for the often mentioned but rarely seen Max Payne movie has been released. I’m not sure if it was intentionally let out into the wild as the official site in the trailer bounces to a Fox website, and the link there bounces to a domain place-holder! Regardless although the trailer can be found on the obvious video sites on the ‘Net, NokkonWud has hosted a high def copy here:

Movies of games fill many people – including myself – with dread.  More often than not they are just simply awful.  Street Figther the Movie anyone?  Wing Commander?  For me Max Payne is a cherished IP.  The original game was released back in the ‘Matrix Era’ when slo-mo bullet time was a new concept and sucessfully melded fast-paced action with a strong (if predictable) plot.  I hold the sequel in high regard thanks to it’s storyline, pacing and action.

The movie appears to be based on the plot of the first game.  From the trailer you can see Wahlberg seems to have immersed himself in the role quite nicely and from the one split second shot, Ludacris doesn’t seem to be out of place. My main concern is that in going for a PG-13 certificate the film may be watered down to hit the rating.

I don’t want to say it, as I don’t want to be disappointed and I know I’ll be called on it in the future, but this movie might actually be… good!

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3 thoughts on “Max Payne: The Movie Trailer”

  1. Yep, I’m hoping it will be excellent but I, along with many others are puzzled and certainly worried by the PG-13 certificate. For a game about death, guns and drugs, it seems bizarre that this film is anything but a 15 or 18.

  2. Oh, it’s also nice to see you updating your blog again! It was probably my favourite of them all due to how well it was written, so to see it back on its feet is brilliant!

  3. Had a little spike yesterday, nothing major myself yet. Just altered the title and content to feature “High Definition” and HD Trailer, so see if that brings anything in :p.

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