Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs is ranked 64 in the 2010 IMDb Top 250 Challenge.

Right so I’ve watched the first of the 250, Reservoir Dogs:

I had my first viewing of Reservoir Dogs at about the age of 12. It was one of those films – like Pulp Fiction or Terminator 2 – that you were too young to watch but were ‘cool’ (wow I sound old) if you had seen it. Of course the main reasons for watching these kinds of films at that age were not artistic merit but simply blood and swearing. I haven’t properly sat down and watched Reservoir Dogs since having borrowed it on VHS many years ago and I’m pleased to say there’s more to it than just those teenage requirements.

It’s well shot though different to how traditional films are shot. Scenes between two people that should be close-ups are shot down the corridor for example, yet somehow it works. Unfortunately the sound is all over the place, lots of dialogue can be missed because it’s too fast and too quiet and the picture quality varies shot to shot. I think Tarantino learned a lot of lessons on these fronts in time for his later films (as well, no doubt, as receiving a much larger budget).

My main concern is that a lot of the dialogue went over my head (I’m probably too young) and in fifty years time it probably won’t make a lot of sense being dipped in pop-culture as it is. It’ll probably be on the top 250 in fifty years time too, but one of those films where people will note it as a classic, as a milestone, but not very good up against modern film.

It’s a hard one to review. Like Pulp Fiction you can pick out your favourite scenes or quotes which make it memorable to an individual but when you put it all together you’ve got a film which almost every critic would agree is a classic.


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