The IMDb Top 250 Challenge

2009 was quite a roller-coster year over in the land of turtles called SiD.  The year drifted past and I’m not quite sure what happened to it, even though it was quite eventful.  Thus time flies past and blogs become neglected.  So, on to a new year, a new decade, same old decline in posting as the years goes by?  Let’s see!

So, stealing an idea that Nokkon Wud had at the start of 2009, I am going to attempt the IMDb Top 250 Challenge.  This involves watching the Top 250 films as rated by IMDb’s user population in one year.  That’s, well, that’s a lot of film, but it’s at least a more original and probably more attainable New Year’s Resolution than say exercising more!  The rules I’ve set myself are to watch all of the top 250, including those I’ve seen already.  If you want to give it a go but 250 is too much for one year try say the top 100.  If you’re not a fan of older movies, try the top 50 lists from each decade.

IMDb’s Top 250 can be found here:, though of course it’s always moving so a static list as of January the 1st, 2010 can be found in this Google Doc I put together: (link).

I’ll post mini-reviews of each one as I go, though some other thoughts will often show up in these forum threads:

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The IMDb Top 250 Challenge @ OcUK

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