WALL·E is ranked 43 in the 2010 IMDb Top 250 Challenge.

I don’t have much to say about Wall-E but that’s not to say it’s not a good movie or not deserving of being in the top 250.  Wall-E is another film from the house of Pixar, the studio we’ve come to expect to deliver the most technically adept CGI films over the last decade or so.  It revolves around the titular character, the last surviving robot from a fleet of similar bots tasked with clearing up Earth after we made such a dump of the place we had to go on permanent holiday into the stars.  The story is entertaining and will keep the kids glued to the screen with predictable pratfalls and plot twists but for me I feel that it was a little too preachy (waste and consumerism bad, exercising good) and a bit obvious laying the blame of the collapse of society at the foot of massive conglomerates (and a bit rich coming from the land of Mickey), which could be put down to the influence of Disney values.

It is entertaining and very watch-able however, though this is one that deserves its place in the top 250 through a milestone of achievement rather than being an all-round fantastic film.  The CGI is staggeringly good.  You may not have noticed it but that’s half the point.  The work on shadows, texture and depth of field really adds to the suspension of disbelief.  I could pause any frame of the movie and just pour over the beauty of the textures of the walls, let alone the remainder of the gamut of detail littering the backgrounds of each shot.  Truly Pixar are masters of their field and for that reason, this film gets a higher score than if it just had the plot to carry it.


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