10,000 Gamerpoints and Counting

I spent today burning through Gears of War on insane difficulty with my brother, which was quite an fun way to breach the 10000 point barrier.

Regarding Gears of War itself, there are only two observations I have- firstly the cooperative AI is too daft to play the game on insane difficulty solo, and secondly you can’t stop the Cole Train, baby.

Neca Gears of War Action Figure Photos

Or: A Post On My Decent Further Into Geekdom

A catalogue from Forbidden Planet dropped through the door the other day and amongst the myriad of Star Wars memorabilia, Doctor Who tchochkes and slightly disturbing animé statuettes were the new Gears of War action figures designed by Neca. They stood out from the rest of the catalogue through sheer detail alone and ignoring the part of my brain that asks why I need such things I bought two.

One thing that concerns me when buying figures like these is that the product shots you see are often of high detail reference models and what you end up with is of a much reduced quality. For this reason what follows is a series of photos and my opinions on these models.

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Videogame Concept Art

I am a sucker for gaming art books so I thought it’d be an idea to summarise some useful information I have gathered on the subject into one post. This is coming from the perspective of a fan here, apologies to any art/gaming students/professionals who disagree with my ramblings. Also note that while there shouldn’t be any spoilers in this post, I would advise against getting any of these books or visiting any links without finishing the respective game first.

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Gears of War

I'm getting back into multiplayer Gears of War after a short break. I've only been playing with people I know as everyone else seems to only use the game's exploits, rather than attempt to actually play properly. Playing multiplayer is great fun and hilarious at times, though I must learn not to scream down the headset so much. Speaking of which, I've abandoned the expensive wireless headset as it just doesn't work as well as the wired one.