Grand Theft Auto IV Spotify Playlists

Spotify has become my main way of listening to music at home, though I’ll leave the discussion of that to another day.  I’m also playing ‘The Lost and Damned’ addon to Grand Theft Auto IV at the moment, which has inspired me to check out some of the bands on GTA IV’s many radio stations (continuing the trend of my musical tastes being defined by what game I’m playing!).  So over the next few posts I’ll be posting links to Spotify playlists for my favourite stations, with URLs that should jump you straight into Spotify.

The one downside is that a lot of the bands aren’t listed on Spotify so it’s not 100%, wherever I’ve not inserted a URL to a track in the post, it means I couldn’t find it in Spotify. If you can, let me know. Also, any track with a (!) means that the track in Spotify isn’t the original album track, but from something like a compilation album, again if you can find the original track in Spotify, let me know.

Lastly, just a note that the stations and the tracks are in the order they appear in the back of the manual, rather than Wikipedia or any other source. 

Click on the logo of the radio station you want to listen to and jump to the relevant post.

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