Microsoft’s ‘Live Your Moment’ Marketing Campaign Rolls Out

With more details of the New Xbox Experience (NXE) trickling out as well as the first sightings of the ‘Live Your Moment’ advertising campaign on TV and online, it seems the marketing juggernaught at Microsoft is on the move and trying and steal some of the lucrative casual market from Nintendo.

Firstly we have a trio of adverts, which I do kind of like as they get my attention, aren’t completely off the wall (This Is Not Living) and aren’t sensationalist like the old ‘cradle to the grave’ Xbox ad.  When I first saw the Rock Band one I thought at first it was going to be an advert for Orange, it just kind of had that ‘vibe’.  The simple statements like ‘Music Games on Xbox 360’ feels a bit like the Apple iPod adverts that state ‘iPod + iTunes’.

Rock Band/Rock Band 2

HD Movie Downloads

Lego Batman

Next up with have the UK site ( The whole front page at the moment is a massive Flash advert (hey Microsoft, I thought we were all supposed to be using Silverlight now?)

Like the massive Christmas campaigns for the 360 over the last couple of years, I hope this campaign gets people who would otherwise dismiss games as toys for kids to join in the fun. The questions are, will they go too far and end up alienating the core fans – the hardcore – like Nintendo seem hell bent on doing and what will Sony and Nintendo come up with in response?