E3 2008: Mirror’s Edge

Mirror\'s Edge Logo

Genre: Action adventure
Platforms: PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360
Developer: DICE (EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment)
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release date: “Late 2008”

Mirror’s Edge comes from the Swedish developers DICE, most famously known for the Battlefield series. It’s nice to see them producing something very different from their recent games and I’m sure it’s a refreshing change for the developers themselves! The game stars Faith, a runner delivering packages in some future dystopia fighting to save her sister.

The gameplay features true first person gaming, in the sense that as you run you can see your arms and legs flailing about- I did feel queasy the first time I saw the trailers – and seems to heavily feature parkour. Speed and momentum appear to be key, with weapons being a secondary, optional element to the game.

Seeing the acrobatic character, weapon-less gameplay and clean visuals I was reminded of an old Bungie game called Oni (yes they have on occasion made other games besides Halo), as well as the character YT – or Yours Truly – a young Kourier in the seminal Cyberpunk novel Snow Crash.

If you haven’t seen the game in action before the first video below features the game’s first trailer which has been floating around for a while now. Following this is the second trailer that was released recently and puts to rest my concern that the entire game world was going to be very white and very bland. Finally the last trailer features footage of the EA conference where the game was demo-ed. In this walkthough they mention that they are following ‘one of the possible routes’ in the game, however I am concerned that this may be a very linear game with limited replay value, but as always I reserve judgement until the game has actually been released. This is one game where you’ll want to watch the trailers below in high definition if you have the bandwidth for it.