It’s been a while since I last updated here, mainly because their hasn’t been much to say and because I’ve been enjoying the sunshine or being too tired in the evenings to do anything. A quick what I’ve been up to:


I stopped playing shortly after getting Jade Empire. I was getting to the point where I didn’t have the motivation to continue. I was thinking of creating a more evil character and looting houses, joining the Dark Brotherhood etc. but then I thought what’s the point? I could amass a fortune in ‘lewt’ but then two problems arise. As I mentioned previously, this isn’t an MMO so it’s not like I can show it off or use it competitively, and it isn’t Baldur’s Gate and there are not a million different swords or spells to buy. So back on the shelf it goes!

Jade Empire

I was really enjoying this game, but I got a point where I realised I was steaming through it and was nearing the last couple of chapters, so I decided to slow down. I did that so much I stopped playing! I’ll get back into it soon, but with a restart no doubt.

Command and Conquer

I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m not quite ‘getting’ the game. Completed the GDI campaign which ended a bit to quickly. I’m half way through the Nod campaign but don’t have the need to complete it. I’m sure I will eventually…

GTA: San Andreas

I had an urge to play this as I’ve never quite completed it. I thought I’d run through the ambulance missions to boost my health. Got to level ten and hit the mission key by accident, ending the mission. Extremely annoying, so I remapped the key to the other end of the keyboard. Tried it again, got to level 12, bounced off a lorry and handbrake-turned over the final patient. If the keyboard wasn’t wired it would have gone out the window :D. Back in the box it goes!


There is a concept I’d like to coin as a ‘Wikipedia wander’. You go on Wikipedia for one article and end up clicking on one of the related links. This repeats itself for a few hours until you are reading up on a completely unrelated topic. I think I started on the history of Aesops Fables, and ended up on technical articles on the workings of atomic weapons! A bit sadistically, this lead me on to play Defcon for an afternoon. The game is very simple to play, but is horrible in its plain depiction of the deaths of hundreds of millions of people. Its only a tenner and worth a play.

Dark Angel

I’m about a third of the way through the first series, it really takes me back to when I was younger and watching through the first time on Sky. It has its quirks, lame acting and action here and there, annoying streek speak, but on the whole its an entertaining piece of TV. Amusingly it would seem that half the cast of Battlestar Galactica starred in it at some point. So far I’ve only seen Gaeta as ‘random Latino-looking Jam Pony messenger’ but looking at episode guides online I think I also spot Dee (as Joshua’s blind girlfriend), Crashdown (as a cultist) and Boomer/Athena (as an x? Manticore subject).

Real life!

So as you can see much of my free time has been half heartedly playing computer games and watching TV. I have actually been outside however! I’ve been to see a few mates for birthdays and meets etc. and have really been enjoying the beautifully sunny weather. Maybe this global warming malarkey isn’t so bad 😉

Oblivion: power gaming?

So I’ve spent about fifteen minutes in game, and about three or four hours reading FAQs and wikis on creating the perfect character. I was not satisfied as with games like this you often realise the apparent shortcomings in your character about 20 hours after the last chance to change anything.

I used to do this with the Baldur’s Gate series. At the peak of my geekyness I’d be sitting for seemingly hours trying to get the perfect stats for my character, plotting how to enhance him and grow him. Then I realised that what I was doing was pointless power gaming. I was trying to perfect this character so he was the best in every way. Why? This is no MMO, I can’t show off these impressive stats. I’m not sure why, but I quickly realised that the game designers actually want people to complete their games and so it’s not necessary to power game in order to complete it.

With this in mind I made a sensible choice on my Oblivion character stats based on what kind of ‘character’ I am trying to play, walked out the sewers and started fighting, er, crabs. Time to have fun with this game rather than see it as one big spreadsheet.


I’m trying to get into Oblivion on the PC. I bought it at launch but never got on with it but now cash is extremely tight (switching jobs means no cash for a couple of months) I’ve decided to play some of the games I never got round to finishing.

I spent about 2 hours downloading the recommended mods to make it look pretty, and another 3 playing with the character editor to get the perfect looking person. I haven’t even left the starting cell yet. The annoying thing is I know that I’ll play it for a while and get bored again. I must persevere!