Oblivion: power gaming?

So I’ve spent about fifteen minutes in game, and about three or four hours reading FAQs and wikis on creating the perfect character. I was not satisfied as with games like this you often realise the apparent shortcomings in your character about 20 hours after the last chance to change anything.

I used to do this with the Baldur’s Gate series. At the peak of my geekyness I’d be sitting for seemingly hours trying to get the perfect stats for my character, plotting how to enhance him and grow him. Then I realised that what I was doing was pointless power gaming. I was trying to perfect this character so he was the best in every way. Why? This is no MMO, I can’t show off these impressive stats. I’m not sure why, but I quickly realised that the game designers actually want people to complete their games and so it’s not necessary to power game in order to complete it.

With this in mind I made a sensible choice on my Oblivion character stats based on what kind of ‘character’ I am trying to play, walked out the sewers and started fighting, er, crabs. Time to have fun with this game rather than see it as one big spreadsheet.